The workplace engagement platform that gets your employees on the same page

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Grab the attention of your employees with real-time interactive messaging

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Empower your employees through our powerful subscription features

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Alert & notify every employee in your organisation within minutes no matter where in the world they are located

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Easy to Install, Maintain and Manage, providing Rapid Return on Investment

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The intelligent yet simple platform which assists your internal campaign efforts

Engagement &

Easily share your company vision using creative message templates to keep employees focused on your company strategy.

Built for

A secure, robust and scalable platform, with an infrastructure flexible enough to support your company growth


Empower your employees with the sophisticated subscription preferences. They chose the subscriptions relevant to them


Instant messaging capability alerting employees of time critical and important notifications that won't be missed


Send notifications globally to every employee from any device, from any location

Introducing the all-in-one communications tool to keep employees engaged and safe.

Grab the attention of your employees with real-time interactive messaging and empower them through our intelligent subscription features. Effectively track behaviour patterns with advanced analytics and communicate your core message keeping your employees focused on their KPI's and your corporate goals.


Your content, in your way. Ad hoc messages, polls or alerts. Add rich text, hyperlinks, set priorities and schedules.


Immediately push the message or schedule for later delivery on to desktops, tablets or mobile devices.


Monitor the key metrics of your employee's engagement in real-time following messages and notification deliveries.
every device

On every device Providing a universal communications channel

Subscriptions Employee/ departmental empowerment with multiple, private, public and mandatory messaging options


Workflows Surveys, updates, actions and schedules

Rich Analytics Critical insights to employee and organisation engagement patterns

Real-time communications Critical and personalised

Mass notifications Text, hyperlinks, time-based and action-oriented notification.


PinIT Pin important notifications for easy review

Built for enterprise Empulse is Scalable, Robust, Secure, Supports SSO, Low Touch Support, Flexible User Permissions.

Subscription Preferences

Ensuring your employees have the content specific to them will dramatically change the way they engage with each other.

The sophisticated subscription preferences feature empowers your employees to select the projects/ departments/ news feeds relevant to them. Translated this means the probability of those notifications being read, actioned and completed are higher than traditional means of internal communication. The only exception to this rule is for the emergency alerts feature. This is a default setting and everyone, no matter where in the world they are, will receive the notifications on their desktop, tablet and phone. It also means work can not resume until they have read and closed the alert message.

Global Alerts

Alert & notify every employee in your organisation within minutes no matter where in the world they are located.

Inform everyone with need-to-know information for emergencies such as important announcements, intruders and utility updates with real-time focused messages. Interacting with your employees during these times are critical and with instant pop-up alerts on their desktop, tablet or phone, every employee will be kept in the loop.


Rich Analytics

Understand how your employees interact with each other and your organisation by measuring the success of internal campaigns and what style of messaging works for you. Adapt yourselves where relevant to keep engagement and productivity levels high.

With access to employee subscription preferences you have a more intimate grasp on where the employee focus lies, empowering you to amend your communication efforts instantly where necessary

You can also run polls and surveys to understand the likes and dislikes of your team.

Next Generation Administration

Adopting new software comes with its own challenges which is why we have created a simple and secure user management system thats intuitive and friendly.

The design elements allow you to create rich, and meaningful messages generating a bigger impact and better employee engagement, and with the subscription details at your fingertips its easy to monitor activity and select your Empulse Ambassadors within the interactive dashboard. Keeping track and informing your team couldn’t be easier.

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