How long does it take for a message to be received once it has been sent?

All messages are received instantly. Empulse works on the same response time as any messenger device, so whether received on your employee‚ desktop or their phone you can be assured there is no delay. Perfect for any company emergency notices that need to be sent.

What if I receive messages that aren't relevant to my department?

Empulse puts the power choice in the users hands. Employees will only receive notifications for Subscriptions that they have chosen to subscribe to. So they will only ever receive notifications for those things that are relevant or of interest to them.

Why is this different to emailing employee‚ key corporate messaging and how can I tell if the messages are being read?

Empulse is different because the messages are more concise, they are information based not action driven, they appear in a notification panel discreetly located on your desktop and they have an expiry date. Don't forget the messages have to be closed to disappear, they are colour coded for message type and you can monitor what has and hasn't been opened in the Employee Engagement Dashboard.

Can Empulse accommodate custom templates?

Empulse currently supports two notification formats - General Messages and Quick Polls. Our Roadmap includes other templates such as meetings, Surveys, etc. These will be released in future releases.

How does Empulse get deployed?

Empulse is a Windows based application. We support Microsoft‚ ClickOnce to deploy the Empulse Client to User desktops. ClickOnce-deployed applications are low impact, in that they are installed per user, not per machine. No administrator privileges are required to install Empulse to User desktop environments.

How do we get started?

The first thing we do is agree a deployment roadmap. This means we start off with a pilot, naturally there is a limit on the number of users, before staging a controlled release to more and more users over an agreed time.

What software do we need to run Empulse on our computers?

Please see our 'Software Overview Specification' page for further details.

How can Empulse help my employees?

It empowers your employees to be informed on the information relevant to them, therefore reducing the 'noise' typically found through email.

I already have an Intranet, why do I need Empulse?

An intranet is powerful took in the organisation although they can sometimes be complicated and such a large amount of information it becomes overwhelming to the user. Empulse allows you to inform users about the latest news within your business, but also allows users to click on hyperlinks to jump to your Intranet with one click. Empulse complements and strengthens your Intranet, it doesn't replace it.

What is the emergency alert facility?

The alert feature is a highly effective way of actively distributing information that is urgent and critical to the safety of your employees. Sometimes when every minute counts you want to be able to instantly alert users, whatever they are doing. The alert feature on Empulse pops up no matter where you are, on your desktop, tablet and phone.

Do you support Active Directory?

Absolutely, Empulse fully supports Active Directory and synchronises with it continuously. Empulse is sophisticated enough to support multi-domain or very complicated tree structure.

Where is Empulse hosted?

Empulse can be hosted on your corporate network or any other host including the cloud.

What kind of server is required for Empulse?

Empulse can be hosted on a dedicated server, or it can share resources with other applications on a multi-user server.

In error I went over my licence amount. What do I do now?

Don't panic! Send us an email to engagewithus@empulsehq.com explaining what has happened and we will send you a specific unlock patch that forces the licence to recalculate. Then simply apply it to the server and restart the service. This should force the licensing library to re-calculate the users.

Can Empulse be packaged as an MSI file?

Yes, Empulse can be packaged as EXE installation file as we support ClickOnce deployments making is an easy for you as possible.

Our employees are getting messages irrelevant to them. How can we stop this?

Always specify the End Date parameter when creating a notification. The notification will automatically expire and be deleted from the system when this date has been reached. In addition there is a purge date setting in the Server configuration file which deletes notifications sitting in the server queue waiting for a user to log on to the client to receive queued notifications.

Do we need to remove the previous Empulse application to upgrade?

Yes, you should always consider uninstalling previous versions of Empulse before you install the latest version.

We want to upgrade our Empulse server, will the old clients still receive alerts?

If the generations of Server and Client software are the same (version number begins with the same digit), clients will receive alerts though some newest features may not work. If the generation gap is too big, outdated clients will receive error messages prompting users to upgrade the Server and Clients to same generation versions to ensure notifications and all features are working as expected.

If logged onto multiple workstations will I receive alerts on all of them?

Yes, you will. You will receive alerts on your desktop/ tablet and phone. if your company has a message to send, we make sure you receive it.

Why didn't anything changed when I installed an update on the server?

Make sure you perform a Service restart and an IIS restart as this is a requirement for the most of the server updates.

Can I save the alert notification to read later?

No, we're afraid not. The importance of the alert notification means it will always show on top of any other application you have open. The only way you can get back to your previous task is to read it and click on the "Close" button. Alerts are always displayed on top of other windows. You must click on “Close” before you can perform any other tasks.

Some interface elements of the Web Workbench are unresponsive or missing, what can I do?

Try using the latest version of Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox to work with Empulse web UI.